John Zhao

The first to start is John Zhao, DuPont China Business Sustainability Manager.

John is responsible for leading advocacy efforts on DuPont China product regulatory issues, contributing to sustainable development in various industries. John is also the Chairman of a well respected industry association (AICM) representing 44 major chemical multinationals operating in China. He actively participates in the activities of another important association, CBCSD (China Business Council for Sustainable Development) which is the counterpart of WBCSD in China.


 “Sustainable Development is the common responsibility of mankind. In China and other eastern cultures, there were those ancient philosophies like Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism, which all stress that man should respect nature and try to keep a balance between man and nature. If humankind still wants to enjoy the prosperous life on this planet, people need to change their behaviors fundamentally to meet the huge challenges ahead.

I joined the FLT program for two purposes: first to build up more knowledge in this important area and explore whether this can be one of my future career directions, as currently my work is not directly linked to SD. Second to engage in SD areas so that, in the future, I can be an ambassador on SD both within DuPont and in society.

The FLT program is helping me to work on the right direction to achieve personal as well as company objectives. When I first arrived in Montreux this April, my mind was still filled with some fragmented concepts and experiences about Sustainable Development. For example, I regarded SD more as environmental issues only and also I didn’t think that many people were really serious about it. However, Montreux trip changed my mindset dramatically and I feel more confident about the future of SD. During these last months, including a recent Washington trip, by interacting with many world-class SD experts from organizations, governments, companies and NGOs, I accumulated lots of state-of-the art notions and first hand information which will surely help me make good efforts in the future in the SD area.

I think this program is a good effort to build up more SD awareness and trigger more SD oriented actions in many world-class companies. These young leaders, in their respective working areas, will carry what they learn from here to their daily work and influence many more people.

Personally I am satisfied with the organization of this program. I suggest that in the future some effective mechanism is put in place to maintain the FLT network and leverage these good leaders’ expertise in advancing the sustainable development agenda in various companies and even beyond.”

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