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Tomorrow’s business leaders need a diverse set of skills and competencies to cope with an increasingly complex world. This includes an ever growing focus on a wider range of social and environmental challenges across a changing competitive and regulatory landscape.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Leadership Program is aiming to provide current and future business leaders with an in-depth understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities that will feed into their strategic decision-making. It is designed to help leaders in navigating the often complex interdisciplinary topics and concepts that will influence their future, as well as the one of their organizations.

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Program 2013 Video

Participants of the WBCSD's  Program 2013 explain in their own words the value of the program, which aims to mentor business leaders for the future who understand sustainability challenges and can position these to make strategic sustainable decisions for businesses and the planet.

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WBCSD Leadership Program 2017

The focus for 2017 will be on “Integrating strategic sustainability into business decision making”.

During the program, we will seek to promote a better understanding of the importance of social and natural capital, in addition to financial capital, including opportunities and risks. We will explore how materiality and the valuation of externalities enable companies to focus their transparency efforts and leverage the value of sustainability reporting. To enrich the educational content, participants will be given access to academics and business leaders, investors and NGOs. Participants will learn about the scientific drivers of the sustainability agenda from leading scientists and professors. They will understand the socio-economic barriers and drivers that lead to poverty, conflict and abuses of human rights, and see from case studies what progressive leaders are doing to address such issues

In addition, participants will gain better understanding of their own leadership preferences to help them become sustainability leaders. All participants will work on individual and group projects: those will strongly emphasize solutions that can benefit both the participant’s organization and the wider business community. The final group projects will be presented during the WBCSD Council Meeting giving participants the opportunity to engage and interact with WBCSD Council Members and Liaison Delegates.

Download the brochure of the WBCSD Leadership Program 2017 here


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Unlocking More Value with Fewer Resources – A practical guide to the circular economy
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Incubating Sustainable Business Growth – How to accelerate corporate innovation to drive sustainable business growth
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Skills for Social Innovation – The implications of integrating social impact and driving social innovation on how talent is sourced and skills are developed
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Quantification Matters – How to Mobilize Finance for Social Impact
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Eight things your CEO needs to know to engage and shape carbon pricing policies
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We have asked some of the participants to share their thoughts on Sustainability and on the program. Read their stories below:


Jemmy Chayadi, Vice President of Sustainability at APRIL Group based in Jakarta, Indonesia

Antonio Doblado, Head of Performance & Tools in Sustainable Development at LafargeHolcim.

Amèlie Rouvin, Environmental Project Manager, Veolia


Eduardo Alfonso Atehortua Barrero, Sustainability Services professional, Deloitte & Touche Ltda.

Jennifer Bravinder, Sustainable Development Manager at Michelin

Andrew Green, Manager, Commercial Leadership Development Program, Eastman Chemical Company


Tamara Dzule, Business Controller, Pulp and Performance Chemicals, AkzoNobel Brazil

Naomi Rigby, Manager at PwC UK

Kris Dumont, Team Leader, Group Risk Management, the KBC Group

Lizzy Peacock, Household Care Finance Director, Unilever


Marcelo Mangueira, Consultant, Sustainability Services group, Accenture

Abdulaziz M. Alfakhri, Head of Cash Management, Saudi Basic Industries Corporations (SABIC)

Beatrice Panzeri, Manager, ABB

Tobias Gwisdalla - Vice President, Portfolio management and mergers and acquisitions, Evonik Industries AG


Andrew Heald – Manager Sustainable Plantations, UPM

Monika Shrivastava, Sustainable Development function, Holcim 

Pilar Castillo, Manager for Deloitte China Sustainability Services

Rosalind Yunibandhu, Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC

Teresita Larrain, Global Category Specialist of Electricity and Water in Anglo American


John Zhao, DuPont China Business Sustainability Manager

Baptiste Raymond, Sustainable Development Manager at Lafarge

Amanda Evers, Service Engineer, AkzoNobel

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