The WBCSD’s Vision 2050 lays out a pathway and opportunities in moving to a world in which 9 billion people can live well within the limits of the planet.   Building on this, we have created Action2020, a robust, coherent framework for business action on sustainable development in the coming decade.  
Action2020 focuses where business can have significant and measurable impact on key societal 'must-haves' in nine priority areas.   It aims to mobilize the global business community to scale up efforts to address our most pressing challenges.   
Action2020’s nine priorities have been grouped into six clusters, each led by a Director and governed by a Cluster Board of Council Members.   The clusters work on Business Solutions and members are asked to engage in at least one of these; we also encourage companies to come forward with additional solutions.

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Safe Materials & Products

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Sustainable Lifestyles

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Redefining Value
Our vision for the economy is that by 2050 a business should be measured by its ‘True Value’, disclosing and using ‘True Costs’ and ‘True Profits’ in its internal and external reporting.  By redefining ‘good corporate performance’ beyond financial indicators and collaborating with investors to support new metrics, we have the potential to unlock and attract capital that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable 2050.   
To achieve this we will need to develop new measures of progress; integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators into corporate performance; establish the true costing of externalities; while implementing new management and financial accounting and reporting standards.  The Redefining Value project allows members to engage in this through five work-streams, and to gain insight into their own reporting through Reporting Matters.

Financial Capital »

Reporting Matters »

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