Market engagement – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysian energy demand under a business as usual scenario is projected to grow at 3.6% per annum average over a period of 21 years from 2009 to2030, where final energy used in Malaysia would double from 2000PJ in 2009 to 4030PJ in 2030.

Malaysian government is keen to prolong the period in which the country is self-sufficient in terms of energy demands, yet to date mandatory regulation in the buildings sector is sparse. As a tropical climate demand for air conditioning is high and is growing rapidly with increasing economic development. 

The potential to generate efficiency savings through the building sector is high in Malaysia, rendering this an ideal location for an EEB Lab.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory (EEB lab)



27-28 July 2015, Kuala Lumpur

 Plenary 1 September, Singapore


New-build and retrofit, commercial buildings


1. Raising awareness of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency;

2. Financing EEB solutions;

3. Building capacity to deliver EEB solutions;

4. Increasing market competitiveness through innovative EEB policy solutions

EEB lab report

Coming soon (1 quarter 2016)

See the market review prepared by Prof. Lee Siew Eang

See the 2 pager

See the video of the EEB labs in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore prepared for the Sept.1 plenary session in Singapore (as part of the International Green Building Conference)


Post EEB lab activities

Coming soon

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