The Sustainable Lifestyles Cluster works across regions and sectors, identifying scalable transformation areas where collaboration and innovation of and beyond products enables more sustainable and yet aspirational lifestyles, reducing environmental impacts and maximizing social benefits.

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High-Level Cluster Aims

The Sustainable Lifestyles work program is focused on identifying transformative combinations of products and services that enable more sustainable lifestyles. We believe that achieving this requires three separate lines of effort:

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WBCSD members have often come together to work on consumption and value change challenges, including during the Vision 2050 project, where values, consumption and lifestyles were important factors in devising the overall vision (Nine billion people, living well, within the boundaries of the planet). 

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Work Program

The Sustainable Lifestyles program is ambitious. We are working to achieve progress in three key areas:

  • Revealing insights about the most important impacts and activities to address by improving transparency on the footprint of consumption.
  • Innovating and collaborating new products, services and business models that enable sustainable lifestyles.
  • Inspiring, enabling and motivating individuals to engage with the more sustainable lifestyles that we enable – moving individual behaviours towards sustainable lifestyles.

In 2015 we performed research in three critical markets – Brazil, India and China. This research has:

  • Provided target scenario sustainable lifestyles across these different regions.
  • Identified where business should focus efforts to deliver sustainable lifestyles.
  • Examined social factors relevant to innovation direction in order to identify potential social ‘sweetspots’.
  • Investigated the most impactful individual behaviours and decision points, and the aspirations behind these.
  • Suggested collaborative innovation opportunities, where achieving lifestyles progress is unavailable through product improvements alone.

For more information on the work program, please contact Julian Hill-Landolt – Director, Sustainable Lifestyles.

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Julian Hill-Landolt
Director, Sustainable Lifestyles
Tel : +41 (0)79 175 19 88
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