The Sustainable Materials Cluster aims to steer the wider business community towards a circular economy by developing thought leadership and helping companies identify its drivers and opportunities. The cluster tackles challenging issues by developing solutions for business that will accelerate closed loop material systems in areas that they cannot, or will not, do on their own.

Business Solutions

LCA for Buildings and Materials: Harmonize and simplify LCA for buildings and materials and provide guidance on implementation in order to reduce complexity and mainstream the implementation by business worldwide

Materials Marketplace: In partnership with the Corporate Eco Forum and the U.S. BCSD, scale up the Materials Marketplace in the U.S. to accelerate company-to-company material re-use opportunities and by-product synergies

Product Portfolio Sustainability Assessment: Develop a tool to assess the sustainability of a product portfolio and develop implementation guidance to stimulate improvements across corporate functions

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Andrea Brown
Director, Safe & Sustainable Materials
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Brendan Edgerton
Manager, Safe & Sustainable Materials
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